WIN Western Europe meeting, Paris, France, January 23rd 2020 Last Friday, WIN (Worldwide Independant Network) organized its annual Western Europe meeting in BVA office in Paris. I was given the opportunity to share my vision of a fascinating and challenging topic: INNOVATION! We discussed Innovation from a wide perspective, more specifically for our Data & […]

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New Year resonates with wishes. So Happy New Year! New year is also time for looking ahead and for prediction.  How 2020 (and beyond) will look like in the Data & Insight Industry? 1. Integration Over the past decade our Industry has seen deep and irreversible changes. We definitively moved from traditional Research to the […]

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I am the founder & owner of Blue Lemon, a boutique agency created in 2007. I help companies to grow their market size and position through brand empowerment, customer-inspired innovation and product development.

Through my understanding and experience in branding and innovation, I help companies to reinforce their brand and how they articulate to their product and services, successfully launch new products and optimise their product portfolio’s. I bridge the gap between powerful product ideas and execution, and so help you to make the right decisions.

Former Esomar Council Member (2015-2021), Esomar Treasurer, Speaker & Thought Leader, I put my thinking and energy to shape the future of the Insights & Analytics Industry.

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