What Is New 2022 Global Edition Speaker

It has been a privilege to be invited to speak at the What Is New 2022 Global Edition and to share my vision on Qualitative Research. Thank you Market Research Academy Lagos for offering this opportunity.

My presentation on trends, new approaches and impact of Qual on Marketing decisions was articulated around the evolution of business, the paradigm shift in marketing and their impact on Qualitative Research.

Thank you to all attendees for your relevant questions and for giving your feedback.

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I am the founder & owner of Blue Lemon, a boutique agency created in 2007. I help companies to grow their market size and position through brand empowerment, customer-inspired innovation and product development.

Through my understanding and experience in branding and innovation, I help companies to reinforce their brand and how they articulate to their product and services, successfully launch new products and optimise their product portfolio’s. I bridge the gap between powerful product ideas and execution, and so help you to make the right decisions.

Former Esomar Council Member (2015-2021), Esomar Treasurer, Speaker & Thought Leader, I put my thinking and energy to shape the future of the Insights & Analytics Industry.

Contact : asdamelincourt@strategir.com