A strong Value Proposition is a must have for all organizations, for profit and for non-profit, selling products and/or services in order to activate performing communications and sales.

A good Value Proposition is all about finding the relevant articulation between your audience, its motivations and needs, and your offer
. This may look obvious, but believe me most companies don’t have a Value Proposition.

Thanks to my background and my expertise in Brand Consultancy, bridging the gaps between complex ideas and actionable solutions, I was recently asked by Esomar (the Global Insights & Analytics Association) to chair a global workgroup in the objective of formalizing and delivering its Value Proposition.

You will find here some ideas of process and tips that I found really relevant, useful and practical which can be used by any business and marketing team:



  1. Define the overall objective and the objective of each session
  2. Move forward step by step (a process is redundant and you may have the feeling that you are not making progress but keep going and don’t get discouraged)
  3. Work inside a framework : your brand positioning, your vision and mission, your values as a brand or as a company are a very good starting point
  4. Be systemic….Think process, process, process… A Value Proposition is about process and requires structure and a systemic approach going through each elements of your audience, gains, pains, offer, benefits,…

I hope that you found this article interesting and helpful. Please feel free to comment, oppose, ask questions.

Thank you Cici Fang (China), Kim Smouter (Esomar), Gabriela Alcala (Mexico) and Seyi Adeoye (Nigeria) for being part of this group and for your hard work.

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