Recently, the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) held its annual conference in Charlotte, NC. This event was a great success and provided attendees with an opportunity to network with their peers, learn from industry experts, and gain valuable insights into the world of qualitative research.

As a QRCA member I was proud to serve as Conference Committee member to contribute to select the Speakers.

The conference kicked off on Wednesday night with a networking reception for all participants. Attendees had the chance to mingle and exchange contact information while enjoying drinks.  The following days featured multiple sessions that explored different aspects of qualitative research such as data collection techniques, analysis methods, study design considerations, ethical practices in market research projects etc., which were led by experienced practitioners.

Additionally, there were also several interactive workshops where attendees could collaborate on real-world case studies related to their areas of expertise or interest . I particularly loved the Small Group Discussion on Innovation & Technology ‘Using AI to Enhance Qual’ led by Shamsu Bhaidani. Tools like ChatGPT can be utilized to enhance the research process with some applications like transcription, summarizing, asynchronous  bulletin board discussion guide, reporting, translation,…



On Thursday, Leigh Kessler in his presentation ‘Stand Out like a Stand -Up’  shared how he used lessons from stand-up comedy to help inspire how we communicate and market our personal brand in an authentic and unique way.


Authenticity, truth and empathy were the key words given by the three panelists and writers, J.R. Harris, Pepper Johnson and Rob Volpe, to inspire and share their passions.

Melena Donas with her paper on ‘Reflections of a Researcher’ leveraged her education in psychotherapy as well as her extensive qualitative experience to examine some thought-provoking questions about ourselves as researchers, looking into how our work shapes us as consumers and how our consumerism shapes us as researchers. Thank you Melena for your bright presentation!

QRCA hosted an awards ceremony honoring individuals who have made significant contributions towards advancing the field through innovative solutions or initiatives. Congratulations to those who received a prize!


Overall , this year’s QRCA Annual Conference was incredibly successful – providing attendees with new perspectives on how qualitative research can be used effectively within today’s ever-evolving business and societies landscape!

Thank you QRCA and all volunteers for making this great event happen, and special thanks to Kayte Hamilton who chaired this event for your passion, hard work and professionalism.

We look forward to attending next year’s event in Denver, CO.

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